Anonymous: I can't recommend bands as well but I can recommend some songs: True Romance // Citizens!, Trojans // Atlas Genius, The Mother We Share // CHVRCHES, I Don't Want Love // The Antlers. Hope you'll like it x

Citizens’ one I liked a lot
Atlas Genius’ one I’ve already heard and is in my summer playlist
I didn’t like the CHVRCHES one but that’s because I’m not really fond of bands with female lead singers
The Antlers’ one was really chill, I also liked

Thanks for the suggestions! ^^  

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whores: kill yourself

wow das r00d get rport u fkn nob. 

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Right, I need suggestions of new bands to listen to (via Ask or Reply)

My favourite bands are as followed: 

1 - The Maccabees

2 - Alt-J

3 - Foals

4 - Phoenix

5 - Passion Pit

Recommendations would be amazing, as I’ve been using Spotify’s ‘Related Artist’ Feature and I haven’t found a thing. Also my Spotify username is ‘heythereiamkyle’ if you want (: 

Thanks pals (:

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Follow pls (:

Hey guys, do you reckon you could give my -relatively- new landscape blog. Would be much appreciated :)

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I’m gay as poo

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